Import Conversion Export


Import Conversion Export (ICE) is a utility that ships with eDirectory but maybe used with other LDAP implementations.

Import Conversion Export is often part of a Data Extraction Transformation process.

Import Conversion Export utility functionality is integrated into imanager in later versions of eDirectory

Some Useful ICE Examples#

Retrieve the schema to a LDIF File#

ice -S LDAP -s <serverAddress> -p <ldapPort> -d <dnOfBinduser> -w <passwordOfBinduser> -b cn=schema -F objectclass=subschema -c base -D LDIF -f schema.ldif

Update the Schema Form a File#

ice -S LDIF -v -f schema.ldif -D LDAP -s localhost -p 389 -d <dnOfBinduser> -w <password> -e failed.ldif

Backup of Tree#

Remember, no passwords will be in the ldif.
ice -S LDAP -s -p 389  -d cn=admin,ou=Services,o=willeke -w secret -b ' ' -F '(objectclass=*)' -c sub -a 1.1 -D LDIF -f /var/backups/edir/2011-02-12-Saturday-IDV-TREE-FULL.ldif

Import Simple Passwords#

You must use SSL!
ice -lice.log -v -SLDIF -fC:\mydata\simplepassword.ldif -v -c -a -DLDAP -sxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -p636 -dcn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com -wsecret -LC:\mydata\YOURTTREE-CA.der -B -l -v

Where simplepassword.ldif looks like:

version: 1
<blank line>
dn: cn=testone,ou=people,dc=turner,dc=com
changeType: modify
add: userpassword
userpassword: {crypt}jgWDKyLuAx2vo
<blank line>

Users Created Since#

This shows an example of ICE with a filter and attribute list.
ice -lc:\mydata\logs\ice.log -v -SLDAP -sxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -p389 -dcn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com -w<secretpassword> -b ou=people,dc=willeke,dc=com -F "(&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(createTimestamp>=20020416154855Z))" -a createTimestamp -v -DLDIF -fC:\mydata\temp.ldif -v 

Compare Schema#

Compare the schema of two running LDAP servers.
ice -C -c schemadiff.ldf -SLDAP -s -p 389 -DLDAP -s -p 389
ice -e err.ldif -SLDIF -f schemadiff.ldf -c -DLDAP -s -p 389 -d "cn=administrator,o=services" -w novell

ICE Documentation#

ICE Documentation



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