Displays all of the pages in this Wiki in alphabetical order. IndexPlugin has been contributed by AlainRavet.


  • itemsPerLine = n. Break every 'n' items on line.


See PageIndex.

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There also seems to be an
  • exclude parameter, it is used in the example pages. "INSERT ~IndexPlugin exclude='~SandBox*'" works fine, but I cannot figure out how to use it with multiple values. I understand that multiple names have to be combined to a single regular expression. On PluginRefactoring an example is given: "exclude='(.*blogentry.*|.*comments.*|~NavMenu.*)". However, INSERT IndexPlugin exclude='SandBox*,PageIndex' does not work, nor does exclude='SandBox* | PageIndex', or exclude='SandBox*|PageIndex' or exclude='(SandBox*|PageIndex)' . Can someone clarify the regular expression syntax used? -- Gregor Hagedorn, 5.8.2005
  • include parameter. Similar to the exclude parameter above, I have notice there is also a include parameter. It seems to work by including only pages that are in the include parameter. I have only used double quotes, and a single expression. -- ShaunMcDonald 2006-01-09
The IndexPlugin uses GLOB patterns which, as far as I know, do not support multiple alternative matches. A summary of the supported syntax is here -- DF

Many thanks for the clarification. Any chance to introduce a syntax supporting the exclude of multiple pages? Perhaps similar to the one erroneously shown on PluginRefactoring? -- Gregor Hagedorn, 5.9.2005

In addition to hoping for an enhancement that allows multiple include/exclude patterns, I would also like to suppress the first letter index and the highlighted first letters at the start of a new letter. In a large glossary wiki it is desirable to provide an index by letter (one letter per page), and the current plugin makes this look terrible because it insists on the head-index even for one letter, then a heading for this one letter, then the index. Please someone refactor this plugin and add a new option to enable/disable these features.

Also note that the index generates non-html compatible code, and, looking into the code, it seems to me that it sorts the already sorted collection again! -- Gregor Hagedorn, 24.11.2005

I'll all for these changes, if someone wants to take them. In fact, I would need someone to start taking care of all the core plugins...

-- JanneJalkanen

Known Problems: In version 2.2 JSPWiki is unable to correctly sort languages other than English. Accented letters (Á, Â, Ä, ß etc.) are sorted after the letter "z". For this reason page names starting with accented letters are not shown under the expected letter. Also even in English the upper case letters are sorted before all lower case letters (e. g., "CSS" will be sorted before "Category"). -- Gregor

Can I index only pages from a name space? --Adler, 01/05/2006

Example: following markup will generate an index of all pages starting with Zoo.Birds.

  [{IndexPlugin include='Zoo.Birds.*' }]

Nice :) The index shows Zoo.Birds.Flamengo, Zoo.Birds.Pelicano, etc... but is it possible to have something like Index for Birds Flamengo, Pelicano,...


Index for Birds

  • Flamengo
  • Pelicano
  • ...

i Need This too... waht to "inlcude='Zoo.*'" but only to show the suffix "Flamenco" in F's "Pelicano" in P's ... is this possible?

Thanks for AnswerMe

-- MartinU

Re excludes with multiple values:

Without knowing why, I added an "exclude='..'" entry to an IndexPlugin that already had an exlude entry. It had the desired result - both patterns were excluded!