Installation instructions for usrwilleke


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Copy the usrwilleke.tgz file to the root directory '/'. Extract the backup directory and scripts by executing the following command:

  tar -zxvf /root/Documents/usrwilleke.tar.gz /
This creates the directory:

Create soft link:

ln -s /root/Documents/usr/local/share/willeke /usr/local/share/
This creates a soft link of /usr/local/share/willeke -> /root/Documents/usr/local/share/willeke/

This allows for others to be able to reach the scripts but not modify them.

Modify the scripts by changing the variables to be specific to your server and or applications.

For more Information consult Using the Willeke Script Library.

To create the package:

tar -pcvf usrwilleke.tar /root/Documents/usr/local/share/willeke/
tar --append --file=usrwilleke.tar /root/.bashrc
gzip usrwilleke.tar 

Testing the installation#

You can execute the ??? and the response should be something similar to shown below:
shared-stub.sh Version 1.1A loaded successfully
SHAREDFUNCTIONS Version 12.5A loaded successfully
 No /usr/local/shared/.sharedenv.sh.local found
SHAREDENV Version 11.4 loaded successfully
2009-01-31 12:50:46: ./shared-stub.sh  Version  Started by root

2009-01-31 12:50:46: You are running as root.
2009-01-31 12:50:46: ./shared-stub.sh  Version  Exiting as root

The important items to find are:

  • SHAREDFUNCTIONS Version 12.5A loaded successfully
  • SHAREDENV Version 11.4 loaded successfully
If these are not seen on the screen, then there is probably something in the shared scripts that is failing and it will need to be corrected.

There should NOT be any errors.

Log Files#

The log files for the scripts are controlled by the following variables in the Shared Script Variables:

You can look at the log with:

less /var/log/shared.log

More Information#

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