What you Need#

  • Identity_Manager_4.0.1_Linux_Advanced.iso
  • Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the JDK to use with the User Application. Or, manually specify the path during the User Application install to override JAVA_HOME.
    • For JBoss 5.01, you need to use the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition Development version 1.6 (JDK or JRE) from Sun. NOTE: As a convenience, the JBossPostgreSQL utility will install the correct version of the JRE for JBoss.
    • For WebSphere 7.0, you need to use the 1.6 JDK from IBM.
    • For WebLogic 10.3, you need to use the 1.6 JDK from JRockit.

The default installation location is:

  • Linux or Solaris: /opt/novell/idm
  • Windows: C:\Novell\IDM

More Information#

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