Version as on idmfanout311unix.iso

Fan-out Driver and iManager#

You can also circumvent using the iManager plug-in by pointing your browser directly to port 3451.. this may eliminate the possibility of a iManager or iManager plug-in bug.

Things The Docs Never Tell You#

  • To set the password for the for Master User: cn=ASAM System,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com. If this is not set and you try to start the driver, EDIR Cores.

Mount the ISO image#

mount -o loop -t iso9660 /root/novell/idmfanout311unix.iso /media/cdrom Copied to /root/novell/coredriver
cd /root/novell/coredriver/ASAM/setup cd ./cdrv-install

Novell Identity Manager is installed on this system.

Novell eDirectory 8.8.x configuration file for tree DMTTREE detected at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf.
  [1] Use this file.
  [2] Specify a custom path manually.

Enter your option (1-2) [1]: 1

Copying files...

Running configuration utility for Core Driver...

Enter the Metadirectory server's network information
==>Metadirectory server IP Address or DNS name [localhost]:10.xxx.xxxx.xxx
==>Metadirectory server LDAP SSL port [636]:

Enter the authentication credentials for an Identity Vault Administrative User
==>Administrative User FDN (e.g.: cn=admin,o=acme): cn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com
==>Administrative Password:

Enter the eDirectory context for the ASAM System Container
==>Context for ASAM System Container: dc=willeke,dc=com

Enter the eDirectory context where the ASAM Master User
is to be created.
==>Context for Master User: ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com

Enter the eDirectory context the Master User will be given
administrative privileges to.  This is required to provision
users and groups from as well as reading Ldap server attributes.
==>eDirectory Context [ROOT]:

Please choose a name for your new core driver.
==>Core Driver name: coredrv
Please choose a TCP listening port for authentication and provisioning.
==>Core Driver listening port [3451]:
Please enter the core driver host address for certificate security
==>Core Driver host address: 10.xxx.xxxx.xxx

This product will update your Identity Vault schema.
==>Update the schema now? [Y]:
Configuration Complete.
The Driver configuration files have been installed to:

The Fan-Out Driver Installer will now create server indexes in your tree.

Administrative User FDN (e.g. cn=admin,o=acme): cn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com
Administrative Password:
Server FDN (e.g. cn=acmeserver,o=acme): cn=servername,dc=svr,dc=willeke,dc=com
Removing old indexes...
Creating new indexes...
Index creation complete.

Updating /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/ndsmodules.conf...
You will need to restart eDirectory before running the driver.

The installation of the Novell Identity Manager Fan-Out Driver
is complete.

Refer to the Quick Start document for further instructions, including:

1. Importing the Fan-Out Driver in Novell iManager from the list of available drivers.
		Must use the file created at:  /usr/lib/dirxml/rules/DirXML.Drivers/Fan-Out.xml which will work if using iManage on the eDir Host.
		Imanager --- Identity Manager->Identity Manager Overview - 
			Add DriverSet=driverset
				at idm.willeke.com
NOTE: I do NOT recommend (Regardless of What Imanager says, that a partition be created for the DriverSet.)		
2. Starting the Fan-Out Driver.
Before starting:
NOTE: Something they NEVER tell you to do is to set the password for the for Master User: ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com.
If this is not set and you try to start the driver, EDIR Cores.
Also set the Driver Object Password.
The Application Password.
		In iManager 
3. Installing the iManager Plug-In.
		(FanOutWeb.npm from CD Image)

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