Introduction To LDAP

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol#

When I was in school, I was taught prepositions using Mr. Squirrel. Think of a tree (except for just a few prepositions) you can visualize prepositions as anything Mr. Squirrel can do with the tree. Mr. Squirrel can:
  • Go in the tree
  • Go on the tree
  • Go behind the tree
  • Go under the tree
  • Go next to the tree
  • Go Over the tree
  • etc.

LDAP is Simple#

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP is similarly simple. You can only do a limited set operations with LDAP and they are defined as LDAP Protocol Exchanges.

Each DSA has some "rules" that are defined within the schema.

Each DSA has one or more entries defined within the DIT.

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