Issuer (iss) is generally the Issuer of the item.


The Authoritative source is referred to as the Issuer

Openid-configuration URL#

Issuer is a OPTIONAL Openid-configuration URL using the HTTPS scheme with no query or fragment component that the OpenID Connect Identity Provider (IDP) asserts as its Issuer Identifier.

If Issuer discovery is supported, this value MUST be identical to the Issuer value returned by WebFinger. This also MUST be identical to the iss JWT Claim Value in Identity Token issued from this Issuer.

Certificate Issuer#

Issuer within X.509 Certificates is referred to as the Certificate Issuer

Verifiable Claims#

Issuer is an entity that creates a Verifiable Claim, associates it with a particular subject, and transmits it to a holder.

More Information#

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