JLINC allows simple, verifiable, permission-based exchange.

JLINC creates a new “consent management layer” on the internet where human and machine-readable info sharing agreements set terms for data transfer.

JLINC involves passing around small JSON-LD documents encapsulated in JSON Web Tokens and signed using elliptic curve keys. The Public Key part of the key pair is registered on the Stellar network. Stellar is the “green” blockchain, accomplishing a global ledger without wasting vast amounts of energy on mining. JLINC leverages trusting a small number of self-chosen peers to achieve convergence in at most a few seconds, rather than the “trustless” and slow proof-of-work style blockchains.

By recording data sharing transactions on the global ledger, and further keeping a private, signed record of the details of each transaction agreement, we evolve a Reputation System system to make keeping agreements on the use of shared data the path of least resistance, and to deny continuing access to Bad Actors.

JLINC protocol requires at least one distributed Public Key registry to exist. ID Keys is built on the nonprofit Stellar Consensus Protocol, and held by the nonprofit Planetwork. JLINC Labs operates a first implementation of ID Keys at IDKeys.net. The service provides key pair creation and management for individuals, first as a free beta, and then at cost ($0.10/per key pair), along with a commercial subscription service that will provide secure customer Private Key management by API for businesses.

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