Plugins Implemented on this Wiki#

CounterA simple counter that starts counting at 1 at the top of the page, and each time it is invoked, will increase its value.1
CurrentTimePluginDisplays the current server time.2022.05.29 AD at 12:08:21 UTC
GroupsPluginThe "Groups" plugin prints the groups managed by this wiki, separated by commas. Admin
IfPluginThe IfPlugin allows parts of a WikiPage to be executed conditionally. You can also use shorthand "If" to run it.
ImagePluginThe Image plugin allows one to have finer control over the layout of images than just the simple in-lining of images.
IndexPluginDisplays all of the pages in this Wiki in alphabetical order.see Page Index
ListLocksPluginLists the pages current locked for editing.See Page Locks
PageViewPluginThe Page View Plugin counts page views and presents the statistics on page views. Put this in the TitleBox see Page Views
SessionsPluginDisplays information about active wiki sessions.see Active Sessions

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