Kerberos Tools


We have put together some Kerberos Tools that may help in the setup and testing of Kerberos clients.

Common User Commands#

There are several tools that are from the MIT Kerberos User Commands that are often provided on Kerberos Clients.
  • kdestroy - destroys the user's active Kerberos authorization tickets by overwriting and deleting the credentials cache that contains them.
  • kinit -
  • klist - Is slightly different on Windows.
  • kpasswd - The kpasswd command is used to change a Kerberos principal's password.
  • krb5-config - krb5-config tells the application programmer what flags to use to compile and link programs against the installed Kerberos libraries.
  • ksu - ksu is a Kerberized version of the su program.
  • kswitch - kswitch makes the specified credential cache the primary cache for the collection.
  • kvno - acquires a service ticket for the specified Kerberos principals and prints out the key version numbers of each.
  • sclient - a sample application, primarily useful for testing purposes.
Some of the utilities may use the KRB5CCNAME environment variable.

Kerberos Tools Windows#

Kerberos Tools NIX#

Kerberos Tools LDAP#

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