Key Access Partition


Key Access Partition (KAP or nDSPKISDKeyAccessPartition) is an eDirectory container is created underneath the Security Container. (CN=KAP.CN=Security)

Inside the Key Access Partition container, the WX Entries (NDSPKISDKeyList)ObjectClass are created. The KAP and NDSPKISDKeyList objects represent the NICI Security Domain for the eDirectory Tree.

Key server or list of servers, are assigned to be the NDSPKISDKeyServerDN attribute. The Key server's job is to hand out the SDI Keys and TreeKey to other NcpServers in the tree.

Any NcpServer can be added to the to be the NDSPKISDKeyServerDN attribute and therefore there can be multiple Security Domain Key server in a tree. (NICISDI Tree Key Provider Fault Tolerance)

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