Key Management


Key Management refers to the establishment of Cryptographic Key material for use with a Cryptographic algorithm to provide protocol security services, especially integrity, authentication, and confidentiality.

Key Management is the management of Cryptographic Keys in a cryptography.

Key Management includes dealing with the:

Key Management includes Cryptography protocol design.

Key Management is the more challenging side of cryptography in a sense that it involves aspects of Social Engineering such as system policy, user training, organizational and departmental interactions and coordination between all of these elements, in contrast to pure mathematical practices that can be automated.

Best Current Practice BCP 107 is the #

Best Current Practice BCP 107 is Guidelines for Cryptographic Key Management

Key Management Service#

Is a Key Management Service

Key Management Examples#

Key Life cycle#

A key is used differently, depending upon its state in the key’s lifecycle. Key states are defined from a system point-of-view, as opposed to the point-of-view of a single cryptographic module.

Key Life cycle is the Key Management of the state of a Key as it transitions through the various states of the Life cycle.

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