KeywordMatch MatchingRule compares an Assertion Value of the Directory String syntax to an attribute value of a syntax (e.g., the Directory String syntax) whose corresponding ASN.1 type is DirectoryString.

KeywordMatch evaluates to TRUE if and only if the assertion value character string matches any keyword in the attribute value. The identification of keywords in the attribute value and the exactness of the match are both LDAP Server Implementation specific.

In this ForgeRock implementation (DS 5.5), a keyword match occurs if the assertion value is contained within the attribute value, and the assertion value is bounded by the start or the end of the Attribute Value or any of the following characters:

  • A space
  • A period
  • A comma
  • A slash
  • A dollar sign
  • A plus sign
  • A dash
  • An underscore
  • An octothorpe (#)
  • An equal sign

LDAP Matching Rule KeywordMatch #

The LDAP definition for the KeywordMatch Matching Rule is:

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