Kim Cameron


Kim Cameron is Architect of Identity and Access in the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft, where he drives evolution of Microsoft Active Directory, Federation Services, Identity Integration Services, CardSpace and Microsoft’s other Identity Metasystem products.

Kim Cameron joined Microsoft in 1999 when it bought the ZOOMIT Corporation. As VP of Technology at ZOOMIT, he had invented metadirectory technology and built the first shipping product. Before that he led ZOOMIT?s development team in producing a range of SMTP, X.400, X.500, and PKI products.

Kim Cameron grew up in Canada, attending King’s College at Dalhousie University and l’Universite de Montreal. He has won a number of industry awards, including Digital Identity World’s Innovation Award (2005), Network Computing’s Top 25 Technology Drivers Award (1996) and MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award (2005), and Network World’s 50 Most Powerful People in Networking (2005).

Kim Cameron blogs at identityblog.com, where he published the The Seven Laws Of Identity.

Kim Cameron has said, “The Internet was created without an Identity Layer.”

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