LDAP is an Abbreviation of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol which is a Protocol.

However, most of our references will use LDAP

LDAP or LDAP is a protocol that may be used to communicate with a DSA.

LDAP is an open standard that uses the Basic Encoding Rules (Basic Encoding Rules) subset of ASN.1 to encode communication for each LDAP Message.

LDAP is a request-response type of protocol where each request is followed by a response.

There are several LDAP Protocol Exchanges which can be one or more request and zero or more responses

An Introduction to LDAP #

An Introduction to LDAP for basic information.

Some Views on LDAP#

LDAP Result Codes #

Remember, LDAP is simple, there is a limited number of server LDAP Result Codes.

LDAP Searches #

As LDAP Searches are the most common interaction in LDAP, we have a LOT of information on the subject.

LDAP Server Implementations #

LDAP servers, or DSA are available form several sources as LDAP Server Implementations

LDAP Browsers #

The most common LDAP Client or DUA is the LDAP Browsers. We have a list of the LDAP Browsers we know about.

Why LDAP is Important #

Why we think LDAP is Important. As primarily folks that integrate with many systems, we see the ins and outs of communication with many different types of systems on a daily basis.

LDAP Best Practices#

LDAP Information#

More Information #

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