LDAP Application Readiness

LDAP Application Readiness#

You need to be sure your LDAP Application before you can use the production LDAP Environment.

This is a simply your application performing the typical LDAP calls to a LDAP server and having the LDAP Team capturing some LDAP traces to ensure your application is not performing any "non-standard" LDAP calls that could be problematic for your application or the LDAP Infrastructure.

You will need to know the following to schedule the tests:

  • LDAP Accounts (Standard IDs) you will be using with your Application for testing.
  • IP Address(es) of all machines that will be accessing the LDAP servers for testing.
  • Which LDAP server you will be making LDAP calls.
  • A brief description of the LDAP calls your Application performs. Often they would be soemthing like:
    • Application Startup, Bind to LDAP Store
    • User Login -
    • Search for uid
    • Bind as user
    • etc.
  • Repeating of the above on LDAPS (LDAP over SSL/TLS) will be required before you can use the production LDAP services.

Be sure you are Ready#

These test should be performed over non-SSL connections on port 389 and over TLS/SSL connections on port 636.

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