LDAP Client Configuration

Overview #

There is no "standard" LDAP Client Configuration for *NIX that we have found. Many of the Linux distributions utilize the OpenLDAP client libraries for the LDAP client on their platforms, how the LDAP Client Configuration is performed is scattered by not only distribution but by versions within the distributions.

We are essentially issuing you a warning. Do you own diligence for you distribution and version you are using.

There is an effort, put forth by SUN and HP to use the DUA Config Profile which is certainly a step in the right direction, but alas, it is not at least yet, wide spread across the Linux distributions.

The openLDAP LDAP Client is most prvelent on the Linux and UNIX distributions.

Our interest in LDAP Client Configuration is for the setup of LDAP for Linux and Unix Clients.

Some *NIX Configurations#

Some of the OS vendors have configuration utilities which may help in the LDAP Client Configuration setup. When we last looked we knew of these:
  • SuSE - Yast
  • RedHat - authconfig
  • Ubuntu - auth-client-config

We usually find that for the finer details you will still need to edit some of the config files manually.

openLDAP Details#

As most use the openLDAP Client (DUA) configuration, the details of the configuration are kept at: openLDAP Client Configuration [1]

Typically there is a /etc/ldap.conf or a file under /etc/pam.d/ that is utilized to configure the LDAP Client.

More Information#

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