LDAP Group


Group, groupOfUniqueNames, groupOfNames#

Generally we find these three "names" used for LDAP Group Names.

What is the difference? #

For the difference of groupOfUniqueNames vs groupOfNames is pretty clear.

For the difference between groupOfUniqueNames vs groupOfNames and Group, it is more difficult. Some LDAP Server Implementations will alias Group to groupOfNames. Usually, groupOfUniqueNames will be a separate and distinct name.

Summary of LDAP Groups#

DynamicGroups and Static groups#

Generally LDAP Groups are:

Groups Are Bad#

We have never understood the fascination with groups within LDAP. We find they serve little purpose from an LDAP perspective.

Active Directory Groups#

Microsoft Active Directory implements their own Group which has some interesting facets

Groups Edirectory#

eDirectory has some interesting facets

Group Fix Tool#

Our Group Fix Tool for eDirectory will correct the groupMembership from an existing member attribute on the group.


The PosixGroup is used for POSIX group implementations and is used with PAM_LDAP


This object class allows groups to be empty. In all other respects groupOfEntries behaves like the groupOfNames object class.

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