LDAP Metrics


LDAP Metrics is a form of Metrics.

LDAP Metrics is a form of Metrics that is specific to the implementation of the LDAP Monitor that we have used for EDirectory

The LDAP Monitor gathers Metrics from LDAP (eDirectory) servers for monitoring. Though the basic monitor will function with any LDAP version 3 capable server, eDirectory (versions 8.7.x and later) provides many server Metrics beyond "nromal" LDAPv3 servers.

NOTE: No statistics are evaluated and no alerts are generated from any statistics. These are gathered for baselining and post processing.

All Metrics are gathered on a per server basis and not a per tree basis. All Metrics are reset to zero, when the directory is stopped and restarted. The following Metrics are logged:

  • date - The date, and time the information was received. The format is M/D/YYYY HH:MM so it is correctly displayed in Excel
  • Time - The format is set for time-of-day as HH:MM:ss:SSS
  • duration - This is the time it took to bind to the LDAP server and retrieve the entries from the rootDSE.
  • directoryTreeName - The name of the NDS Tree-name that this server belongs
  • dsaName - This is the FDN name of the LDAP server you are connected.
  • vendorVersion - This the version of the LDAP server you are connected. Typical entry = LDAP Agent for Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 (10552.72)
  • unAuthBinds - This is the number of Anomnous Binds to the LDAP server.
  • simpleAuthBinds - Number of Authenticated binds done using simpleBind methods. Note: most LDAP binds are simple.
  • strongAuthBinds- Number of Strong Authenticated Binds.
  • bindSecurityErrors -
  • readOps - Number of read operations
  • listOps- Number container list operations
  • addEntryOps- Number of Entries added to the directory.
  • removeEntryOps- Number of entries deleted from the directory.
  • modifyEntryOps- Number of Modify operations performed on an entry.
  • compareOps- Number of comparisons of attribute values
  • modifyRDNOps- Rename and move operations of entries.
  • extendedOps- Number of extended operations. An extended operation is done by using a LDAP V3 extension when making the LDAP call.
  • abandonOps- Number of operations that were abandoned by the client.
  • inOps-
  • searchOps- Number of search operations.
  • oneLevelSearchOps- Number of search operations for SCOPE_ONE
  • wholeSubtreeSearchOps- Number of search operations for SCOPE_SUB
  • inBytes -
  • outBytes -
  • repUpdatesOut -
  • repUpdatesIn -
  • chainings -
  • referralsReturned -
  • errors -
  • securityErrors -

NOTE: These Metrics are reset when the LDAP server is restarted.

You can use an ldapsearch command to get the stats:

ldapsearch -h ldapserver.willeke.com -p636 -e C:\mydata\treerootcert.der  -b "" -s base -D cn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com -w secretpwd "(objectclass=*)" chainings removeEntryOps referralsReturned listOps modifyRDNOps repUpdatesIn repUpdatesOut strongAuthBinds addEntryOps compareOps wholeSubtreeSearchOps modifyEntryOps searchOps errors simpleAuthBinds inOps oneLevelSearchOps inBytes abandonOps bindSecurityErrors securityErrors unAuthBinds outBytes extendedOps readOps dsaName directoryTreeName vendorVersion vendorName

vendorName: Novell, Inc.
vendorVersion: LDAP Agent for Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP2 (20216.51)
directoryTreeName: willeketree
dsaName: cn=ldapserver,ou=services,dc=willeke,dc=com
readOps: 88723
extendedOps: 852
outBytes: 79936509
unAuthBinds: 3
securityErrors: 4
bindSecurityErrors: 4
abandonOps: 4
inBytes: 24976818
oneLevelSearchOps: 20811
inOps: 149230
simpleAuthBinds: 12544
errors: 117
searchOps: 109547
modifyEntryOps: 106
wholeSubtreeSearchOps: 11
compareOps: 1
addEntryOps: 1
strongAuthBinds: 0
repUpdatesOut: 0
repUpdatesIn: 0
modifyRDNOps: 0
listOps: 0
referralsReturned: 0
removeEntryOps: 0
chainings: 0



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