LDAP ModifyRequest Operations


LDAP ModifyRequest Operations are "officially" defined in the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Considerations for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) by RFC 4520.

More specifically they are defined in the IANA Registry LDAP ModifyRequest Operations

Each Modify Request includes a LDAP ModifyRequest Operations, the attribute description for the target attribute, and an optional set of values. The following kinds of modifications are supported:

increment3IESGRFC 4525

If the modification type is "increment", then there must be an attribute description with exactly one value, and that value must be a positive or negative integer. The target attribute must exist in the entry with exactly one value, and that value must be an integer. The increment operation will update the specified attribute so that its new value will be the sum of the provided value and the existing value.

LDAP ModifyRequest Operations Order#

If a modify request includes multiple modifications, then they will be applied in the order that they are listed in the modify Request. If one modification depends on another modification in the same modify Request, then it should be listed after the modification on which it depends.

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