LDAP Protocol Exchanges


LDAP Protocol Exchanges are the protocol exchanges that are used for LDAP Messages.

] Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a typical Request-Response communication protocol where a Directory User Agent (DUA), initiates the communication by sending a LDAP Request to a Directory System Agent (DSA).

The DUA does not need to wait for a LDAP Result from the DSA before sending additional LDAP Requests when using performing Asynchronous Operations.

The LDAP Message is the fundamental Protocol Data Unit for LDAP communication. LDAP Protocol Exchanges is the container that is used to hold all LDAP Message elements and the associated LDAP Result Codes.

The core LDAPv3 specification is in RFC 4510, with RFC 4511 defining the actual encoding for the protocol. A number of other specifications are defined in a number of RFCs and Internet Drafts. We have many of these LDAP Server Standards and Specifications

LDAP defines a number of different types of LDAP Messages. Each of these LDAP Protocol Exchanges contains a request and zero or more responses

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