LDAP Searches


The LDAPSEARCH Utility is the command-line utility for doing searchRequest as typically supplied from LDAP Server Vendors.

LDAP Query Examples#

Many people just want to see some LDAP Query Examples.


Some details on the SearchRequest

LDAP SearchFilters#

Some details on LDAP SearchFilters


Often out-of-the-box applications and JNDI will use LDAP URLs for setting up searches.

Counting Entries Within a Container#

Examples for eDirectory's subordinateCount attribute.

Performance Counters#

Examples for eDirectory's Performance Counters

Determine The LDAP Server Vendor#

The best ways we know to Determine LDAP Server Vendor

Extensible Match#

A method to perform some extended LDAP searches.

Import Convert Export Tool#

We are referring to the utility provided with eDirectory from Novell, which is an alternative to LDAPSearch with some more advanced features.

LDAP Search Scopes#

LDAP searches require a LDAP Search Scopes parameter.

Searching Using Controls#

LDAP controls extend the functionality of LDAP commands, such as ldapsearch.

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