What is the "LDAP Build"?#

The LDAP Build is a collection of scripts to semi-automate the process of creating a functional, ready to use eDirectory server. Implementations are available for Sun SPARC Solaris 8 and 9, or Linux.

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The basic build includes these products:

iManager is not included; if it is needed it must be downloaded and installed separately. Here is a sample of the functions that are avialable from an easy-to-use menu:
  • Install eDirectory software
  • Create a new eDirectory tree complete with B1Person custom schema and custom DIT
  • Insert a server into an existing tree
  • Install Identity Manager 2
  • Manage indexes to improve search performance
  • Install custom support scripts and enforce server configuration to a common standard
  • Prepare a server for use with SiteMinder (schema, indexes, access controls)

Distributions of eDirectory#

Enterprise LDAP directory environments are complex and always are implemented as customized products. A typical Enterprise LDAP environment consists lab, QA and production environments. Additionally often there may exist multiple instances of lab, QA and production environments for particular application specific uses.

Advantages of customized builds#

Customized builds ensure that the various environments are consistently deployed. The consistent deployment has the following advantages.
  • Known environment – All directory applications are implemented with a consistent build methodology and software versions.
  • Faster Recovery – The custom builds allow the creation of a “new” or replacement directory server to be done in minutes instead of hours.

Operations Build Script Information#

Build Script Developement#

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