Edirectory 8.8.x and LDAP Passwords#

Things changed in 8.8

LDAP Edirectory 8.8 and Simple Password#

You must set the NDSD_TRY_NMASLOGIN_FIRST variable to use Simple Password with 8.8.x.

Unlike 8.7.3, in version Simple Password and Edirectory 8.8.x will not work by default as the NDS login method is set as the default login sequence.

The login sequence attribute, sasDefaultLoginSequence, needs to be set.

LDAP / Universal Password with eDirectory 8.8#

LDAP on versions Prior to 8.8#

Prior to eDirectory 8.8, only Client32 and other direct NMAS logins made use of UP. After enabling UP, though the logins through Client32 were case-sensitive, they were still case-insensitive when logging in through LDAP, iManager, or the DSAPI NDK.

Password sequence#

Prior to version 8.8, for LDAP and other server logins, eDirectory validates the password against:

NOTE: The latest NMAS versions that are Security Services 2.0.3 or later are supposed to provide LDAP support for UP.

How to get LDAP Case Sensitive Passwords with eDirectory 8.7.3#

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