Required Schema #

NIS within LDAP is complex due to the various legacy implementations of NIS and the wide differences as to how NIS Maps maybe utilized.

The are schema references we have found will work with most implementations.

Full RFC2307Bis #

Start with the RFC-2307bis is commonly implemented among various vendors.

Full Schema as defined in RFC2307bis in LDIF(info)

LDAP schema used by autofs #

There are three LDAP schema used by autofs:
  • new automount schema - An automount schema is based on RFC 2307-bis. This schema defines new automountMap and automount structures to represent the AutoFS maps and their entries in the LDAP directory. You should use this schema if possible.
    • Used by Solaris (I know 9 & 10)
    • Used by HP-UX
  • nisObject automount schema - The nisObject automount schema defines nisMap and nisObject structures to represent the AutoFS maps and their entries in the LDAP directory. There are some limitations that you need to be aware of when using the nisObject automount schema.
  • obsolete automount schema - This is the schema that is shipped with Netscape Directory Server version 6.x.

DUAConfigProfile #

The DUAConfigProfile.

Schema file used to create the DUAConfigProfile(info)

RFC-3712 LDAP Printer Schema #

Schema used to define printer configurations within LDAP.

mailGroup #

Originally implemented as part of the Netscape LDAP server which NetScape derived form x.500 for support for their mail server.

As used in aliases, only cn, mgrpRFC822mailmember and Mail are used form the original objectClass.

Mail alias information uses the schema defined by the LDAP Mailgroups Internet draft, formerly known as the draft-steinback-ldap-mailgroups draft. Until a new schema becomes available, Solaris LDAP clients will continue to use this schema for mail alias information.

Edirectory and MailGroup#

In 8.7 we found that Edirectory has this schema predefined but, the names have been changed. We found it best to change the primary mapping of the objectClass and attributes. The minimum you need to change is:
  • mailGroup - is defined as nSCPMailGroup1.
  • mgrpRFC822MailMember - is defined as nSCPMgrpRFC822mailmember.

The following are all the attributes in the mailGroup ObjectClass:

For 8.8 the "old" NSCP schema entries appear to no be present. The full definitions for Netscape is in the /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/nds-schema/NetScape-mappings.ldif file.

However, we have defined a mininumn mailgroup schema as mailGroupSchema.ldif(info)

Solaris NIS Project Schema #

Projects appear to be Solaris specific.

Other Information #

LDIF Examples Of NIS Migrated Entries #

Default DIT Locations For NIS #

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