These permanent configuration parameters were introduced in Novell eDirectory 8.6. They do not apply to any version of Novell eDirectory or NDS before 8.6.

The latest versions of NDS 8 implement a performance enhancement for login speed. This enhancement queues up changes that, in previous versions of NDS, were required to be done at login time while the user waited. Any change to the eDirectory database requires a lock, so during peak usage periods, login times could be lengthier and more unpredictable depending on how many requests needed the database lock at any given time. By removing this lock requirement and queuing login updates, login speed is much faster and more predictable.

LOGIN DELAY ENABLE allows you to enable or disable the queuing of login updates. The supported values are:

  • 0 (login update disabled)
  • 1 (login update enabled)

LOGIN DELAY SECONDS allows you to increase or decrease the amount of time between updates if they are enabled. The supported values are:

  • 1 (minimum number of seconds) and up
  • 86400 (maximum number of seconds, which is 1 day)

These options let different eDirectory environments control this queuing behavior. In some environments, the data queued is extremely important and must be written to the database immediately. The user must then wait while the updates take place. In other environments, this data is not used at all and can be omitted. The default behavior should be adequate for most environments.

Both of these permanent configuration parameters can be set in iMonitor by selecting Agent Configuration, then selecting the Login Settings link.

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