LONGHAUL system provides the Extended NSA Enterprise with an End-to-End Communications attack orchestration and Key Recovery service for Data Network Cipher (DNC) and Data Network Session Cipher (DNSC) Communication.

LONGHAUL is extensible to allow for the addition of other Digital Network Intelligence cipher types.

LONGHAUL system is composed of several components as shown in this End-to-End View. LONGHAUL receives cryptanalytic information (CA Data} from the field systems and passes information back to field systems using its Front End. The Front End validates the sender/receiver using CASPORT services. LONGHAUL contains Attack Orchestrator components (one Orchestration component for each distinct type of attack), and Attack Service components. Attack Orchestrator figures out what cryptanalytic processing should be applied for each piece of CA Data, and then initiates, and as needed manages, that processing. Attack service performs the cryptanalytic attack. Once the processing is complete, the result is returned to the Attack Orchestrator component, information about the processing is "saved" for Management and Analysis, and then as appropriate the result is returned to the "requesting" CA Server.

LONGHAUL accesses CES Databases for certain information needed for Attack Orchestrator and attack services.

LONGHAUL also provides an interface for CES Analysts that need access to information pertaining to the LONGHAUL processed data.

LONGHAUL maintains its own internal Government Data Store for the management and control of its processing activities.


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