Liars and Outliers


Liars and Outliers or more specifically Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive is abook by Bruce Schneier about Trust.

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Society runs on Trust. We all need to trust that the random people we interact with will cooperate. Not trust completely, not trust blindly, but be reasonably sure (whatever that means) that our trust is well-founded and they the will be trustworthy (whatever that means) in return. This is vital. If the number of parasites gets too large, if too many people steal or too many people do not pay their taxes, society no longer works. It doesn't work because there is so much theft that people can't be secure in their property, and because even honest become suspicious of everyone else. More importantly, it doesn't work because the social contract breaks down: society is no longer seen as providing the required benefits. Trust is largely a habit, and when there's not enough trust to be had, people stop trusting each other.

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