Life Management Platform


Life Management Platform (LMP), coined by Martin Kuppinger of Kuppinger Cole, which describes this way: Life Management Platform will change the way individuals deal with sensitive information like their This information that today frequently is paper-based or, when it comes to personal opinions, only in the mind of the individuals.
  • Life Management Platform is Information Rights Management for the Individual.
  • Life Management Platform will enable new approaches for privacy-aware and security-aware sharing of that information, without the risk of losing control of that information.
  • Life Management Platform allows individual to consolidate all relevant data from life, (Bank Account, Life Insurance Information, Health Information and personal data.
  • Life Management Platform must provide tools to manage the information and make the information usable for other parties.

A key concept is "Informed Pull" which allows consuming information from other parties, neither violating the interest of the individual for protecting his information nor the interest of the related party/parties.

At KuppingerCole we expect and predict that Life Management Platforms, with related standards, protocols, business models, applications, etc., will be the one technology driven component that will have the strongest influence on our everyday life (and, on the other side, on enterprise infrastructures and the Internet architecture) for the next 10 years."

Life Management Platform are far more than Personal Data Stores or Personal Clouds as Life Management Platform not only support a secure store for sensitive personal information. They allow making a better use of that information by adding Information Rights Management. The real value lies in the sharing of that information supported by Life Management Platform.

To further clarify that, a comparison of key features of a Life Management Platform:

FeatureLife Management PlatformPersonal Data StoresSocial Networks
Protected information store for sensitive personal dataXX-
Granular Access Control for data stored on PlatformXX-
Information Control remains with individualXX-
Secure Information Sharing with explicit consent of information owner (Controlled Push)X(X)-
Apps to support privacy- and security-aware information sharingX--
Support for the concept of Informed PullX--

Platforms, Personal Data Stores, and today’s typical Social Networks. The concept of Life Management Platform thus is based on the combination of a Personal Domain holding all information securely and the ability to use this data in a privacy-aware and security-aware way. Approaches which lack either of these two core features are not understood as Life Management Platform as defind by KuppingerCole.

Life Management Platform follows several of The Seven Laws Of Identity including:

Progress on Life Management Platform#

Qiy Foundation, one of the veteran players (in 2012, we have recognized them as the first real implementation of the LMP concept) has presented their newest developments and business partnerships. They were joined by Meeco, a new project centered around social channels and IoT devices, which has won this year’s European Identity and Cloud Award.[2]

OpenID Connect which uses OAuth 2.0 when implemented with User-Managed Access is a step in the right direction.

Technology-Enabled Relationship Management#

Life Management Platform is a Technology-Enabled Relationship Management strategy and more specifically a Vendor Relationship Management strategy.

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