After questioning several sources, it is still unclear to me why this process is named Limber, so that will remain a mystery for now. However, naming issues aside, Limber is an EDirectory Background Processes that is responsible for
  • Making sure that the eDirectory referral information for this server is properly maintained in each partition hosted on this server.
  • Making sure that the server hosting the Master replica of the partition in which the Server object for this server resides has the correct Relative Distinguished Name (RDN) for this server.
  • Making sure the server object in eDirectory correctly reflects the operating system version and network address in use on this server.
  • Making sure the name of the eDirectory tree in which this server resides is correctly reported.
  • Monitoring the NDS External References/DRL links between this server and the partition replica that holds this server's eDirectory Server object. This is done to make sure that the eDirectory server can be properly accessed via its eDirectory object.
  • Making sure this server's identification information is correct.

Limber can be monitored indirectly through Check External Reference, Report Synchronization Status, and Replica Ring repair options in Ndsrepair.

Ndstrace also provides the ability to monitor Limber directly.

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