LinkID is a Number specified in AttributeSchema for Microsoft Active Directory which indicated a Linked Attribute

LinkID Attribute Values indicate:

Forward links (or Forward Reference) attributes always have a even value LinkID and for every Forward link the next LinkID value is, of course, an odd value and is the LinkID to the corresponding BackLink attribute.

LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) Attribute Definition#

The LinkID AttributeTypes is defined as:

Auto-Generated LinkID on LDAP Add Request#

If the DomainControllerFunctionality is Windows Server 2003 or greater, and an attributeSchema object is created with LDAP Add, and the Add request assigns the OID 1.2.840.113556.1.2.50 as the Attribute Value of the LinkID attribute, the DC sets the linkID attribute to an even integer that does not already appear as the linkID on a schema object. The attribute created by the Add is a Forward link attribute.

If the LDAP Add Request, assigns either the attributeID or the lDAPDisplayName of an existing forward link attribute as the value of the linkID attribute, the DC sets the linkID attribute to the LinkID of the given forward link attribute plus one. The attribute created by the Add is a BackLink attribute corresponding to the given forward link attribute.

The aforementioned values that trigger auto-generation behavior for the linkID are of syntax String(Object-Identifier) or String(Unicode), and therefore do not conform to the declared syntax of the LinkID attribute. The DC accepts these values without the error that would normally occur in such a case.

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