Linked Attribute


Linked Attribute are attributes that allows a Relationship to be built between ObjectClasses

Linked Attributes The most examples is the Microsoft Active Directory Group to User Member-MemberOf Relationship

Groups have members which is the Forward links, as they are the primary direction of the Relationship. The User-MemberOf is referred to as a BackLink.

Linked Attribute EDirectory#

EDirectory Linked Attribute which are of DN Syntax exhibit Referential Integrity

Microsoft Active Directory AttributeSchema#

Microsoft Active Directory schema attribute classes declare what type of information this attribute stores (which will always be some derivative of a DistinguishedName (DN)

For Linked Attributes there is a special attribute in the AttributeSchema called linkID where For Forward links (or Forward Reference) this attribute always have an even value, and the BackLink (or Virtual Attribute) the next number always odd.

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