LoWPAN as described in RFC 7228 One interesting class of a constrained network often used as a Constrained Node network is "LoWPAN" RFC 4919, a term inspired from the name of an IEEE 802.15.4 Working Group (low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANs)).

The expansion of the LoWPAN acronym, "Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network", contains a hard-to-justify "Personal" that is due to the history of task group naming in IEEE 802 more than due to an orientation of LoWPANs around a single person. Actually, LoWPANs have been suggested for urban monitoring, control of large buildings, and industrial control applications, so the "Personal" can only be considered a vestige.

Occasionally, the term is read as "Low-Power Wireless Area Networks" WEI. Originally focused on IEEE 802.15.4, "LoWPAN" (or when used for IPv6, "6LoWPAN") also refers to networks built from similarly constrained Link Layer technologies V6-BTLE V6-DECT-ULE V6-G9959.

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