LocalEntryID contains the record number for the entry in the EDirectory server's local database.

LocalEntryID is the object ID or record number for the object in the server's local database (FLAIM). (This is a DS specific attribute.)

LocalEntryID is an Operational Attribute and is accessible only through LDAP and only if requested.

LocalEntryID attribute is not returned in a call to read the schema.

LocalEntryID can be used in place of the DN in a searchRequest to find information about a specific LDAP Entry.

Through NDAP, this information is available with the NWDSGetObjectNameAndInfo function which accesses the DCK_DSI_FLAGS key.

From LDAP the LocalEntryID is returned as an Integer that for Ndsrepair usage must be converted to Hex. We found that in bash we could do this as:

printf "%x\n" 44279

And the reverse (ie hex to integer):

echo $((16#acf7))

LDAP Attribute Definition#

The LocalEntryID AttributeTypes is defined as:

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