Overview #

LocalReceivedUpTo (LRUT) is a non-synchronizing SINGLE-VALUE attribute whose value represents the Last time the specific Edirectory Replica has received any updates.

EDirectory uses LocalReceivedUpTo to keep track of what changes have been received from other replicas in the network.

LocalReceivedUpTo are also used to inform inbounding replicas of the current eDirectory Synchronization state and to advertise the local state when the agent is ready to do an outbound synchronization.

Once the changes are ready for outbound synchronization, the following occurs:

  • Read the last TimeStamp issued on the local replica from the partition record
  • Update the row in the LocalReceivedUpTo corresponding to the local replica number
  • Update the Transitive Vector value corresponding to the local agent ("server")
  • The updated data is then sent out to all of the other servers.

LDAP Attribute Definition#

The LocalReceivedUpTo AttributeTypes is defined as:



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