LocalStorage is part of W3C Web Storage

LocalStorage is a persistent key-value store in the browser with a full JavaScript API to set/get/remove values and events to track changes programmatically.

LocalStorage maintains a separate storage area for each given origin that's available that persists even when the browser is closed and reopened.

LocalStorage typically allows for up to 5MB of storage, although this can be increased at the user's discretion.

Data in LocalStorage isn't sent to the server as it is with cookies.

LocalStorage allows for a whole range of uses that cookies do not, and cookies allow for a whole range of uses that localStorage does not.

sessionStorage maintains a separate Web Storage area for each given origin that is available for the duration of the page session (as long as the browser is open, including page reloads and restores).

LocalStorage are simple key-value DataStores, similar to objects, but they stay intact through page loads.

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