Logging Out


Logging Out is to end access to a Operating System, Application or a website.

Logging Out informs the Operating System, Application or a website that the current user wishes to end the session.

Log out is also known as log off, sign off or sign out.

Reasons for Logging Out#

Reasons for performing Logging Out include:

Logging Out and Federated Identity Management#

Single Logout in Federated Identity Management systems presents additional concerns.

Kinds of Logging Out Messages in Federated Identity Management Systems:

Note that hierarchies of Federated Identity Management systems may result in an Relying Party with one Identity Provider (IDP) also being an Identity Provider (IDP) to another set of Relying Partys

Communication mechanisms for Logging Out messages#

Possible state clean-ups at RPs#

Possible state clean-ups at IdPs#

User session state

Logging Out and Auditing Information#

  • IdPs may keep a log of when & where end-users logged in and out
  • May be used for service operator logging and auditing
  • May be used by End-User to log out undesired sessions

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