MMC General Tab


The MMC General Tab for Microsoft Active Directory

The "naming" attribute within Microsoft Active Directory is the CN attribute.

If we have a user that shows in the MMC as "Jim Willeke", then his DN is:

dn: CN=Jim Willeke,CN=Users,DC=mad,DC=willeke,DC=com
And his CN is:
cn: Jim Willeke
The user would look like this in the MMC
General Tab

LDAP Names#

These are the LDAP Attribute Names that Relate to the MMC Page:

General Tab

In addition, Microsoft Active Directory has some "pseudo" attributes that are significant to the MMC General Page.

  • name -" LDAP attribute "name" is always the same value as the "naming" value which in the case of a USER entry is the value of the CN. (name: jim)
  • distinguishedName - This is the DN of the entry. (distinguishedName: CN=jim,CN=Users,DC=mad,DC=willeke,DC=com)

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