Machine Learning Taxonomy


Machine Learning Taxonomy, Well there is almost no common Taxonomy as the field covers several different disciplines.


Generally some poorly used terms are:

Table of Symbols#

Code SymbolMath SymbolDefinitionDimensions
XXthe input matrix (Independent variables)(numExamples, inputLayerSize)
YYis the label (Classification) matrix
y(i)y(i)Predictor variable (Dependent variable) for the i(th) entry(numExamples, outputLayerSize)
WWlweights Vector for the l(th) layer(inputLayerSize, hiddenLayerSize)
z2z[2]Layer 2 activation Function(numExamples, hiddenLayerSize)
a2a[2]Layer 2 activity(numExamples, hiddenLayerSize)
z3z[3]Layer 3 activation Function(numExamples, outputLayerSize)
JJCost function(1, outputLayerSize)
WWthe weight Matrix for the l(th) layerweight
b(l)b(l)the bias vector for the l(th) layer bias
Lthe Loss functionLoss function
mmnumber of examples in the Training dataset
n(subx)n(subx)input size
n(suby)n(suby)number of Classifications (Output Size)
𝑦̂𝑦̂y-Hat is the Predictor variable vector (Dependent variables) which can also be denoted as a(number of layers)


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