Mark Wahl


Informed Control Inc. was founded by Mark Wahl, previously a Senior Staff Engineer and Principal Directory Architect at Sun Microsystems. Mr. Wahl was co-founder and President of Critical Angle Inc., which was acquired by Innosoft International [1] in 1998. Innosoft International was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2000. [2] Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2010.

Mark Wahl was also the co-chair of the IETF Working Group on LDAPv3 Extensions, and co-author and editor-in-chief of the primary LDAPv3 RFCs within the IETF.

Mark Wahl is a Microsoft Employee, since Sep 18, 2006, and has focused on delivering Forefront Identity Manager 2010 and 2010 R2, acquiring BHOLD and launching Azure AD’s SaaS management and Premium identity and access management offerings, and also been involved in security management product design and other incubations.[3]

Mark Wahl has also taught information assurance and computer security auditing at the University of Texas at Austin for NSA evaluation, and spoken at industry conferences in the U.S., Europe and Asia on the future of enterprise identity management. He is currently a principal program manager for Microsoft identity and access management product and services.

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