Matching Policy Set


Matching Policy Set or (MP) is applied to <add> events and serves to automatically link an object in the Identity Vault with the corresponding object in the application. The Subscriber Channel and Publisher Channel usually have different Matching Polices.

The Matching Policy Set is usually implemented using the DirXML Script action <do-find-matching-object>. The Matching Policy Set is executed after the Event Transformation Policy and before the Create Policy.

Matching policies, are within the Subscriber Flow the Matching Policy Set uses the Policy Set Interval Values of 6, and Publisher Flow, the Matching Policy Set uses the Policy Set Interval Values of 7, and look for an object in the Application namespace data store that corresponds to an un-associated object in the source datastore. It is important to realize that Matching policies are not always needed or desired.

For example, a Matching Policy Set might not be desired when performing an initial migration if there are no preexisting or corresponding objects.

A Matching Policy Set must be carefully crafted to ensure that the Matching Policy Set does not find false matches.

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