MaxTempTableSize is a Microsoft Active Directory value within the LDAP policy in Active Directory that controls how large this temporary database table can be.

While a query is processed, the dblayer may try to create a temporary database table to sort and select intermediate results from. If the temporary database table would contain more objects than the value for MaxTempTableSize, the dblayer performs a much less efficient parsing of the complete DS database and of all the objects in the DS database.

Default value: 10,000 records

MaxTempTableSize in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has a Hardcoded limit which override LDAP policy in Active Directory setting when the policy value should be higher.

MaxTempTableSize seems to cause an issue when it is smaller than the total number of Objects, the Virtual List View Control may fail with a LDAP Result Codes of Unavailable Critical Extension similar to:

LdapException: (12) Unavailable Critical Extension
LdapException: Server Message: 000020EF: SvcErr: DSID-03140552, problem 5010 (UNAVAIL_EXTENSION), data 0

Error code: 53

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