Maximum Database Record Size


Maximum Database Record Size is an Microsoft Active Directory restriction which typically manifest as a limitation of MULTI-VALUEs of non-Linked Attributes.
Attributes that represent are Linked Attributes do not count in this value. For example, the members linked, multivalued attribute of a group object can store many thousands of values because the values are links only.

Maximum Database Record Size record is 8,110 bytes, based on an 8-kilobyte (KB) MaxPageSize. Because of variable overhead requirements and the variable number of attributes that an entry might have, it is impossible to provide a precise limit for the maximum number of multiple values that an entry can store in its attributes.

The only value that can actually be computed is the maximum number of values in a MULTI-VALUEs of non-Linked Attributes when the object has only one attribute (which is impossible). In Windows Server 2000 the number is computed at 1,575 values. From this value, taking various overhead estimates into account and generalizing about the other values that the object might store, the practical limit for number of MULTI-VALUEs stored by an object is estimated at 800 MULTI-VALUEs of non-Linked Attributes per entry across all attributes.

The practical limit of 800 MULTI-VALUEs of non-Linked Attributes per entry is increased in Windows Server 2003 and later. When the Forest functional level of Windows Server 2003 or higher, for a theoretical record that has only one attribute with the minimum of overhead, the maximum number of MULTI-VALUEs of non-Linked Attributes per entry possible in one record is computed at 3,937. Using similar estimates for overhead, a practical limit for MULTI-VALUEs of non-Linked Attributes per entry is approximately 1,200. These numbers are provided only to point out that the maximum size of an object is somewhat larger in Windows Server 2003 and later.

Maximum Database Record Size and Add Request#

When performing an LDAP Add Request which exceeds Maximum Database Record Size the following LDAP Result Code ADMIN_LIMIT_EXCEEDED was received:
SvcErr: DSID-02050BBD, problem 5008 (ADMIN_LIMIT_EXCEEDED), data - 1026

When using some attribute Synchronization products (IDM Vendor Products) this has been know to stop Synchronization

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