Methods to Set NSPM Challenge-Responses


Methods to Set NSPM Challenge-Responses describes methods we have found that allow setting the forgot password questions/answers for Novell's Challenge Response System

Automated Password Self Service#

Our Automated Password Self Service, which is one of our Tools was created as one client did not like the layout and design limitations in the User Application.

We created a custom servlet that handled the clients needs to perform Password Self Service. We can make our Automated Password Self Service tool available but it would require some costs as we would need to perform some customizations for each implementation.

Novell Coolsolutions for NSPM#

Challenge Response CSV Import Driver#

The Challenge Response CSV Import Driver is uses a driver, a modified text driver, we presume, to allow you to import the Challenge-response questions and answers into eDirectory form a CSV file.

Have not used the driver our selves, but have had this type of need in the past. Uses ECMA Script to make the Java calls.

NSPM Setting Challenge Answers#

This was on Novell's site for a while and has since been removed or we can no longer find the article of another method for NSPM Setting Challenge Answers programmatically from the entry's attribute values.

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