Metrics is the measuring of the performance and or the load of an application or system.

What questions can Metrics answer?

  • How many users are on my Site? (ie on this site now there are 26 sessions)
  • How slow is the PayPal API?
  • Our LDAP Monitor
  • etc.

Metrics Categories#

Generally, Metrics can be placed into various categories:

Example Metrics#

  • The server this wiki is run on, the time is: 2019-05-25 AD at 09:52:00 UTC
  • This server has been up for 47d, 21h 40m 50s.
  • now there are 26 sessions
  • These are the distinct Sessions there are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • These are the Users we know about and their Status:
User NameLogin Status

More Information#

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