Microsoft Active Directory


Microsoft Active Directory is Directory Service based on x.500 and provides LDAP services created by Microsoft.

LDAP Query Examples for AD#

LDAP Query Examples for AD are broken down as:

LDAP and Active Directory#

Information about Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP including:

Active Directory and Passwords#

Some information on Active Directory and Passwords.

Active Directory Groups#

Some information on AD Groups

User-Account-Control Attribute#

Microsoft Active Directory User-Account-Control Attribute is always confusing.

Active Directory Functional Levels#

In Windows Servers Microsoft Active Directory, Domain Controllers can run different versions of Windows Server Operating System versions. The Active Directory Functional Levels of a domain or AD Forest depends on which versions of Windows Server operating systems are running on the domain controllers in the domain or forest. The Active Directory Functional Levels or forest controls which advanced features are available in the AD DOMAIN or AD Forest.

Microsoft Active Directory Cool Things#

Everyone appears to be critical of Microsoft Active Directory, but here are some things that other LDAP Server Implementations Vendors should add to their offerings.

Microsoft Active Directory Anomalies#

Some things that Microsoft Active Directory does or does not do, that you should know about.

Microsoft Active Directory Technical Details#

Active Directory Tools#

Some tools we have found helpful for Active Directory.

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