Modify Request


ModifyRequest is a LDAP Message used to update an existing LDAP Entry in the DIT.

The modify request LDAP Message is defined in RFC 4511 as follows:

ModifyRequest ::= [APPLICATION 6] SEQUENCE 
    object          LDAPDN,
    changes         SEQUENCE OF change SEQUENCE 
        operation       ENUMERATED 
            add     (0),
            delete  (1),
            replace (2),
        modification    PartialAttribute 

Fields of the Modify Request are:#

  • object: The value of this field contains the name of the entry to be modified. The server SHALL NOT perform any alias dereferencing in determining the object to be modified.
  • changes: A list of modifications to be performed on the LDAP Entry. The entire list of modifications MUST be performed in the order they are listed as a single atomic operation. While individual modifications may violate certain aspects of the directory schema (such as the ObjectClass Types and DIT Content Rule, the resulting entry after the entire list of modifications is performed MUST conform to the requirements of the directory model and controlling schema RFC 4512.
  • operation: Used to specify the type of modification being performed. Each operation type acts on the following modification.

Modify Response#

Upon receipt of a Modify Request, the server attempts to perform the necessary modifications to the DIT and returns the result in a Modify Response. The server will return to the client a single Modify Response indicating either the successful completion of the DIT modification, or the reason that the modification failed.

LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)#

For LDIF the modify ChangeType directive is used along with the LDAP ModifyRequest Operations directive.

The elements of the modify request include:

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