ModifyDNRequest LDAP Message request can be used to change the DN of an entry in the DSA and is defined in RFC 4511

ModifyDNRequest in LDIF is the modrdn directive.

ModifyDNRequest can alter the RDN of the entry and/or can be used to

  • rename
  • move
  • copy
the LDAP Entry below a new or the same parent.

If the target LDAP Entry has subordinate entries, then ModifyDNRequest may be used to move or rename that subtree if the LDAP Server Implementation allows.

ModifyDNRequest protocol op is defined as follows:

ModifyDNRequest ::= [APPLICATION 12] SEQUENCE {
             entry           LDAPDN,
             newrdn          RelativeLDAPDN,
             deleteoldrdn    BOOLEAN,
             newSuperior     [0] LDAPDN OPTIONAL } 

Fields of the ModifyDNRequest are:

Various combinations of these fields with Examples are the same as for modrdn.

The LDAP DSA SHALL NOT dereference any aliases in locating the objects named in entry or newSuperior.

Upon receipt of a ModifyDNRequest, a server will attempt to perform the name change and return the result in the Modify DN Response,

Several LDAP Server Implementations MAY NOT support the ModifyDNRequest on an LDAP Entry which contain subordinate entries

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