Monitor Entry


A monitor entry is a type of entry in the server that provides information about a server component. It may provide statistical information for performance monitoring, information about the health of the server, or other information that could be of value.

The the specific Implementation varies by LDAP Server Implementations. Please consult the specific vendor documentation for more information for your server.

Typically, this is cn=Monitor

Monitor Entry eDirectory#

In versions EDirectory (40002.79) and later.


OpenDS provides a general-purpose monitor entry with a DN of "cn=monitor". A number of other monitor entries exist below that point, including:
  • Information about each Back-end configured in the server
  • Information about each connection handler configured in the server
  • General information about the system on which the server is running
  • Information about the state of the server work queue
  • Version information for the server
  • A stack trace of all threads currently active in the server

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