Monitor Entry


A monitor entry is a type of entry in the server that provides information about a device or component.

Monitor Entry may provide statistical information for performance monitoring, Auditing and/or Logging information about the health of the device, or other information that could be of value.

LDAP Cn=Monitor#

Cn=Monitor is a common Monitor Entry used by some LDAP Server Implementations. Please consult the specific vendor documentation for more information for your server.

eDirectory Monitor Entry #

In versions EDirectory (40002.79) and later.


OpenDS provides a general-purpose monitor entry with a DN of "cn=monitor". A number of other monitor entries exist below that point, including:
  • data about each Back-end configured in the server
  • data about each connection handler configured in the server
  • General data about the system on which the server is running
  • data about the state of the server work queue
  • Version data for the server
  • A stack trace of all threads currently active in the server

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