Overview #

The IP Address and port number that the EDirectory server should listen on for client connections are set in the Nds.conf file.

The value can be a comma-separated list specifying more than one combination of possible settings.

You can specify the value as

<Interface name>|<IPAddress>@<port> 

You can specify either the whole string or either the interface name or IP Address. If the N4u.server.interfaces parameter is not specified in the nds.conf file, the eDirectory server gets any one IP address with the default port specified in the n4u.server.tcp-port parameter.

If the n4u.server.tcp-port parameter is also not specified, the default port will be 524. The possible values are given below.

<Interface name>|<IPAddress> - The eDirectory server gets the specified interface name or IP address with the default port. 

<Interface name>|<IPAddress>@<port> - The eDirectory server gets the default interface with the specified port number. 



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